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Favorite Web Links
    Book News, Book Reviews, Newsletters and Blogs:
  • The Omnivore
    ("Criticism Digested": A roundup of newspaper reviews, bringing you a cross section of intelligent opinion)
  • The Complete Review
    (Book Reviews and Literary Criticisms)
  • Booksquare
    (Dissecting the publishing industry with love and skepticism)
  • Bookalicious Babe Book Reviews
    ("She is too fond of books, and it has addled her brain.")
  • Grumpy Old Bookman
    (Sporadically maintained by Michael Allen, a grumpy 71-year-old Englishman who lives in Wiltshire)
  • Vintage Novels
    (Author Susannah Rowntree reviews books that have been either forgotten on the dust-heap of history, or enshrined behind glass as Classic Literature.)
  • PhiloBiblos
    (Maintained by Jeremy Dibbell, a Boston bibliophile, haunter of used bookstores, and reference librarian.)
    (A community for readers, reviewers, and authors)
  • The
    (U.K. book selling and publishing news and commentary)
  • Reading Rants
    (An out-of-the-ordinary book review and discussion site for teenagers)
  • The Book Wheel
    (Books, politics, and more...)
  • 101 Books
    (Robert Bruce reads - and reviews - his way through Time MagazineĎs 100 greatest English-speaking novels since 1923.)
  • Walden Pond Records
    (Kyle keeps you up to date about what's happening in the music retail world of Walden Pond Books & Records)
  • Walden Pond Books Blog
    (Scot keeps you up to date about new and favorite titles at Walden Pond Books)
    Useful book tools, directories, and utilities:
  • BookSpot
    (Ultmate resource and search center for book-related content on the Web)
  • BookTour
    (Author appearances, book events, literary happenings)
  • Antiquarian Book News
    (Handy rare and antiquarian book directories and link indices)
  • ISBN Book Directory
    (LinkBaton's ISBN search page)
  • Americana Exchange
    (Rare book research and articles)

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