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    The staff at Walden Pond Books:
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"Much more akin to scholars in classic literature than people you would find working at Barnes and Noble or any other large bookstore. These guys know their stuff. This is what a bookstore should be." - Erica G.

Ask Aldous about: art, music, books in Spanish, magazines & periodicals, Mexico, publisher imprints.

"GASP! The staff actually know what's in their store and seems to have read most of the books as well - they aren't illiterate idiots from the chain stores!" - Kim L.

Ask Angela about cats, MouseLit, science fiction and fantasy women authors, tarot books, spooky movies, and calming herbs.

"Stop using that evil faceless online book company and buy local instead! When I sold books to them, I was amazed at how well the buyer knew even pretty obscure great stuff. Very impressive. Plenty of kids books, too." - Karen Z.

Ask Bob about: rare books, publishers, modern British authors, current & forthcoming fiction, historical novels, fantasy & science fiction, mysteries, world history, mythology, classic children's literature, and Samoyeds.

"I appreciate their knowledgeable buyer and the mind behind such a worthy selection of both fiction and non-fiction." - Linda H.

Ask Dot about: poetry, ceramics, pottery, cooking, cookbooks, M. F. K. Fisher, children's books, books her kid likes, the Yuba River.

"The staff is ridiculously knowledgeable and can recommend a new book / a new author based on your interests (and they make amazingly well-made recommendations)." - Joanna S.

Ask Jay about: radical studies, political science, jazz, antiques, collectibles, Art Deco mica lampshades, and the use of BakeliteŽ in early 20th century electrical appliances.

"They're knowledgeable without being pri*ks. Kind of amazing considering how many snobs work at independent bookstores." - Annalisa L.

Ask Jeremiah about: metaphysics, history, current events & politics, western religion, conspiracy theories, and fact-checking the History Channel.

"Walden Pond is my favorite go-to bookstore with a wide range of new and used books. The staff are all very helpful, and also are really knowledgable and friendly, each staff member specializes in a certain topic so you can always get as much or as little help as you need." - Mary Ella M.

Ask John about rare books, mysteries, science fiction, radical studies, and art.

"The entire staff is very knowledgable and I've never been disappointed by something one of them recommended." - Charles P.

Ask Katie about: children's books, juvenile & young adult fiction, graphic novels, illustration, painting, graphic design, and horror.

"The people who work here REALLY know books! Thanks to the girl in the children's section, when I couldn't find the kid's book I thought I would buy as a birthday present for my niece, I was introduced to the "Half Magic" books. (When the first book proved a hit, I was happy to tell my niece where she could get the rest in the series.)" - Mycroft H.

Ask Kris about: garage/punk records, classic & b-horror movies (and the books that inspired them), where to get your next tattoo, alternative medicine, pop and subculture, photography, art, cycling, biographies, poetry, horror, rare books, bone folders, and marbled endpapers."

"The staff is helpful and friendly and will help locate items they may not have in the store somewhere else for you. I am working on my dissertation and Walden Pond Books has been a serious asset to my studies." - Stephani M.

Ask Kyle about: vinyl - LPs and 45s, music history, hard bop, soul, early rock 'n' roll, blues, punk, 20th-century American literature, and classic science fiction.

"The staff is very helpful. I have described books in the most vague terms and they've been able to help me find them." - Nikki C.

Ask Marshall about: jazz, radical studies, literature, Cuba, Mexico, post cards, greeting cards, and everything else in the store.
Also ask Marshall about how he's owned the East Bay's finest independent bookstore for over 40 years.

"Great service. Wonderful treatment. For example, I called checking to see if they had a book in stock that my Grandfather is looking for. They went out of their way to go through several locations in their store looking for it. Compared to a couple chain stores I called where I was put on hold for 5 minutes before I could even ask them... What a huge contrast!" - Emily

Ask Paul about: metaphysics, enneagrams, astrology, art books, self-help, sports, comics, music, and Flatland.
Also ask Paul about how he manages to pay all the bills of the East Bay's finest independent bookstore.

"Ahhhh, a bookstore that seems to prioritize the enjoyment of books over the purchase of books! The laidback, welcoming vibe makes me much more likely to buy books." - Beth B.

Ask Peter about: business and financial books, Indonesia, wooden shoes, windmills, 17th and 18th century Dutch trading policy, cycling, recycling, book ordering, and our entire inventory of past, current, and forthcoming books.

"When I've asked for a suggestion, I've been steered towards some of the most wonderful reads that I'd never heard about before. The people who work here LOVE books - and they know their books." - Ross C.

Ask Sam about: rare books, fine bindings, critical theory, philosophy, art, revolutionary history.

"Very knowledgeable staff that take pride in their expertise without the ego." - Chris H.

And finally. . . some commentary on book store staff from The Daily Show

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