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    Here's a list of some outstanding current and forthcoming titles on our shelves. These are books that offer something special - superb writing by talented authors, a riveting reading experience, unforgettable characters, intriguing concepts, fascinating subject matter, impeccable scholarship, or just sheer literary entertainment. These are books that truly deserve your attention...

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    • Fiction: Recently Released in Hardcover (Center Display)
      For more outstanding new fiction, browse the 2019 Booker Prize longlist and the National Book Award longlist.

      SUCH A FUN AGE by Kiley Reid
      A truly striking debut novel from an exhilarating new voice. With empathy, piercing social commentary, and caustic wit, Kiley Reid delivers a big-hearted story about race and privilege, set around a young black babysitter, her well-intentioned employer, and a surprising connection that threatens to undo them both. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
      "A refreshing take on an age-old question: can we connect across barriers of race, gender, wealth and privilege? This is the calling card of a virtuoso talent, a thrilling millennial spin on the 19th-century novel of manners. Such a Fun Age is so fresh and essential that I predict that next year we’ll be anxiously awaiting the next Kiley Reid." - The Guardian (U.K.).
      "Kiley Reid's debut works on so many levels it makes me giddy. a page-turner with beautifully drawn characters and a riveting plot. . . I urge you to read Such a Fun Age. Rejoice that Kiley Reid is only just getting started." - NPR.
      "A bold, urgent, essential exploration of race, class, labor, friendship, identity and self-delusion, both deliciously readable and incredibly complex. Reid’s debut is an exemplar novel: Each character’s voice is perfectly distinct in dialogue; each text message is plausible, powerful. There is humor and not a small amount of suspense. Every element of back story is tied to a relevant future moment. Not a word is wasted, and not a nuance goes unnoticed in this masterwork." - The Minneapolis Star Tribune.
      "What a joy to find a debut novel so good that it leaves you looking forward to the rest of its author’s career. A tantalisingly plotted tale about the way we live now. Reid, 32, is only just emerging into the public eye. Such a Fun Age, however, speaks for itself; I suspect it will turn its writer into a star." - The Times (U.K.).

      AGENCY by William Gibson
      Verity Jane is hired by a shadowy San Francisco start-up to beta test a pair of eye-glasses that double as an artificial intelligence assistant named Eunice. As Eunice's personality and capabilities grow, Verity decides to hide the AI's rapid development from her mysterious new employers. But then, time travellers intervene... The visionary author who coined the term "cyberspace" in his classic speculative novel Neuromancer is back with a science fiction thriller heavily influenced by our most current events.
      "William Gibson can craft sentences of uncanny beauty, and is our great poet of crowds." - The San Francisco Chronicle.
      "Gibson blurs the line between real and speculative technology in a fast-paced thriller that will affirm to readers that it was well worth the wait." - Booklist.
      "Packed with intriguing concepts and characters. . . Cyberpunk fans looking to dive into the 'what-if's' of an alternate timeline will be as enraptured as ever by Gibson's imagination." - Publishers Weekly.
      "Gibson's eye for the eerie in the everyday still lends events an otherworldly sheen." - The New Yorker.
      "Gibson's work is all edge and chill and incipient panic. There's not a speck of filler, not a hint of anachronism. Just sleek, high-gloss, hand-tooled cool. His worlds are so striking, so plausible, that you're just happy to be along for the ride - until suddenly it hits you: Maybe you're being followed." - The Chicago Tribune.

      A LONG PETAL OF THE SEA by Isabel Allende
      A pregnant young widow and an army doctor flee their native Spain to Chile as General Franco and his Fascists sieze control of the Spanish government. Starting over on a new continent as World War II erupts in Europe, they find their trials are just beginning. This masterful work of historical fiction about hope, exile, and belonging shows Isabel Allende at the height of her powers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
      "Allende’s novel spans generations and countries as it follows a real-life doctor from the Spanish civil war to the fall of Chile's Pinochet. Allende’s style is impressively Olympian and the payoff is remarkable: a huge overview of generations, decades and countries." - The Guardian (U.K.).
      "A virtuoso of lucidly well-told, utterly enrapturing fiction, Allende encapsulates the complicated horrors of the Spanish Civil War. A tale that is seductively intimate and strategically charming. . . Valor, perseverance, transcendent romance, and wondrous reunions provide narrative sweeteners to lure readers into contemplation of past atrocities and, covertly, of the disturbingly similar outrages of the present, in which refugees and immigrants are treated with appalling cruelty and fascist threats escalate around the warming world." - Booklist *** starred review ***.
      "Allende's assured prose vividly evokes her fictional characters, historical figures like Pablo Neruda, and decades of complex international history; her imagery makes the suffering of war and displacement palpable yet also does justice to human strength, hope and rebirth. Seamlessly juxtaposing exile with homecoming, otherness with belonging, and tyranny with freedom, the novel feels both timeless and perfectly timed for today." - Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***.

      HITTING A STRAIGHT LICK WITH A CROOKED STICK: Stories from the Harlem Renaissance by Zora Neale Hurston
      An outstanding collection of stories about love and migration, gender and class, racism and sexism that proudly reflect African American folk culture. Brought together for the first time in one volume, they include eight of Hurston's "lost" Harlem stories, which were found in forgotten periodicals and archives. These are gems that flash with her biting, satiric humor, as well as more serious tales reflective of the cultural currents of Hurston's world. All are timeless classics that enrich our understanding and appreciation of this exceptional writer's voice and her contributions to America's literary traditions. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
      "Against the backdrop of the Harlem Renaissance, Hurston unpacked the lives of everyday black people doing everyday things. . . Add her matchless powers of observation, exemplary fidelity to idiomatic speech and irresistible engagement with folklore, and the outcome is a collection of value to more than Hurston completists. Any addition to her awe-inspiring oeuvre should be met with open arms." - The New York Times.
      "The hallmarks of Hurston’s distinctive writing are on full display: her use of rural black dialect, the wickedly sly humor she finds in day-to-day life, the folkloric underpinnings of her many tales. These narratives comprise a rich tapestry of Hurston’s matchless vision and talent." - BookPage.
      "With biting wit, Hurston gets to the heart of the human condition, including racism, sexism, and classism, through the circuitous path of her characters, that is, the straight lick with a crooked stick. Kicked off with a foreword by Tayari Jones, Hurston's rediscovered stories will electrify book media and draw in readers." - Booklist *** starred review ***.

      THE STARLESS SEA by Erin Morgenstern
      A mysterious book hidden away in a college library reveals a timeless love story set in a secret underground world - a place of pirates, painters, lovers, and liars. The author of The Night Circus provides us a door to an enchanted universe. Open it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
      "This is a book about people who love stories, for people who love stories. It has it all. Morgenstern has created the ultimate ode to storytelling. . . beautifully crafting an imaginary world with such vivid, delicate detail that you can't help but feel like it truly could exist. It's a realm that lets the mind wander, question and carry forward, often leaving the reader feeling that finishing the book will be akin to achieving one's own hero's quest." - The San Francisco Chronicle.
      "A stunning array of linked fables, myths, and origin stories. . . It is exquisitely pleasurable to watch the gears of this epic fantasy turn. An ambitious and bewitching gem of a book with mystery and passion inscribed on every page." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.
      "A tapestry of love and loss, longing and joy, adventure and regret. . . Readers who enjoy rich, luscious prose will sink into The Starless Sea like a luxurious bubble bath, delighting all of their senses." - The New York Journal of Books.
      "A magnificent quest, a sense of unfolding adventure and danger, gold-wrought fantasy, and endless provocation on what storytelling really means. Morgenstern's stories flow together as they flow forward and will enthrall a wide range of readers. Highly recommended." - Library Journal *** starred review ***.
      "Extravagantly imaginative. . . Morgenstern's major plot is the stuff of a bibliophile's dreams. The intricate world-building is nothing short of fabulous, the prose lush and filigreed. Bon voyage!" - The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

      DEAD ASTRONAUTS by Jeff VanderMeer
      A blue fox, a homeless woman, an ancient sea monster, a madman, and three rebels converge in terrible and miraculous ways in a nameless city. At stake is the fate of the Earth. Jeff VanderMeer's psychedelic prose delivers a mind-blowing adventure into an apocalyptic future.
      "A darkly transcendent novel filled with phantasmagoric visions, body horror and tortured beings traversing a blasted desert hellscape . . . terrifying and so compelling." - The New York Times.
      "A Mobius strip of a novel, with each chapter containing worlds upon nested worlds, all of them dreamlike and dark. In this shattered landscape, VanderMeer explores urgent ideas about capitalism, greed, and natural destruction." - Esquire Magazine.
      "VanderMeer is a master of literary science fiction, and this may be his best book yet." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.
      "Every reader - and by extension, every reviewer - will, at some point, find themselves completely gobsmacked by a book, wanting to press it into the hands of anyone who will listen. Such is the case with Dead Astronauts. A profoundly moving exploration of connection, isolation, sacrifice and the relationship of man with nature. Ultimately, Dead Astronauts is a book you simply must read. If you were here, I would press it into your hands and not let you put it down." - The Toronto Star.

      A BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR: TIME Magazine, NPR, The Washington Post, Esquire, The New York Public Library
      THE WATER DANCER by Ta-Nehisi Coates
      This first novel from one of the most important essayists of this generation is a work of both staggering imagination and rich historical significance. The author of Between the World and Me delivers a riveting tale of fantastic adventure that is simultaneously a page-turner and a deeply thought-out commentary on slavery and its consequences. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
      "Coates balances the horrors of slavery against the fantastical. He extends the idea of the gifts of the disenfranchised to include a kind of superpower. But The Water Dancer is very much its own book, and its gestures toward otherworldliness remain grounded. In the end, it is a novel interested in the psychological effects of slavery, a grief that Coates is especially adept at parsing. A revelation, rare and astonishing." - The New York Times.
      "An electrifying, inventive novel. Coates loses none of his mastery for conveying complex ideas and blending a deep knowledge of American history with scintillating wordsmanship. His craft shows on every page. A haunting adventure story told through the tough lens of history, The Water Dancer is a quintessentially American story of self-creation, doubt, and elevation." - The Boston Globe.
      "A smashing success. Coates' first novel dazzles. . . this is a book that needs to be experienced. Readers need to find a quiet place and lose themselves in it, letting Coates' words work their magic. It's a remarkable debut novel that reminds us in a fresh way why it's so important we remember all of humanity's stories - from the depraved to the glorious." - Associated Press.
      "A brilliant and magnificent work of pain, progress, and power. . . Coates has taken the story of slavery, the Underground Railroad, and the horrific oppression of black people at the hands of whites, and turned it into an allegory for what we are capable of when we own our own stories and memories. The power of The Water Dancer lies in that reclamation, and it is a novel we need right now." - The San Francisco Book Review.

      YOUR HOUSE WILL PAY by Steph Cha
      A powerful and taut novel about racial tensions in Los Angeles, following two families - one Korean-American, one African-American - grappling with the effects of a decades-old crime.
      "A gripping, thoughtful portrayal of family loyalty, hard-won redemption, and the destructive force of racial injustice. Cha is a rising star in crime fiction, and her latest may well be her breakout novel. A blockbuster read!" - Booklist *** starred review ***.
      "A propulsive, well-told, and most important of all, well-researched journey of two families. Cha's writing is memorable and often poetic. Her subject matter and her subjects are powerfully real." - The San Francisco Chronicle.
      "Riveting! The 'house' motif - and its myriad meanings - effectively moves throughout Cha's engrossing story about race, redemption and forgiveness. An emotional look at families and how trauma and violence can reverberate for generations. Cha unflinchingly delves into the complex emotions that drive families, violence and the need to survive. Your House Will Pay sets a new high for the talented Cha." - Associated Press.
      "Cha unflinchingly and compassionately examines issues of race, family, generational violence, and the transformative power of forgiveness in this unforgettable novel." - Library Journal *** starred review ***.
      "A real-life racial incident is transfigured into a riveting thriller about two families' heartbreaking struggles to confront and transcend rage and loss. Cha blends a shrewd knowledge of cutting-edge media and its disruptive impact with a warm, astute sensitivity toward characters of diverse cultures weighed down by converging traumas. Her storytelling shows how fiction can delicately extract deeper revelations from daily headlines." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.

      OLIVE, AGAIN by Elizabeth Strout
      The formidable title character of the beloved Pulitzer Prize-winning Olive Kitteridge returns in a bewitching new novel. In thirteen interconnected episodes, Elizabeth Strout's cantankerous heroine deals with loneliness, loss, and love in its many flawed incarnations.
      "Syllable for syllable, it's a stunning work - arguably better than the original. These stories create a world almost unbearably addictive for its beautiful, agonized truths. . . wave upon wave of unflinching insight, delivered in language so clean it shines. Sentences flow in simplest words and clearest order - yet line after line hammers home some of the most complex human rawness you'll ever read. Strout dwells with uncanny immediacy inside the minds and hearts of a dazzling range of ages. Olive, Again transcends and triumphs. The naked pain, dignity, wit and courage these stories consistently embody fill us with a steady, wrought comfort." - The Washington Post.
      "Olive Kitteridge is back, crustier than ever and just as unapologetic as she was when she first appeared 11 years ago. Caught up in scenes of great hilarity and bewildering grief, Olive may offer blunt honesty that defies societal norms, but her clarity is refreshing and never cruel. Exquisite." - Library Journal *** starred review ***.
      "Just as wonderful as the original. You don't have to have read Olive Kitteridge to appreciate Olive, Again, but you'll probably want to. Strout continues to amaze." - NPR.
      "There's no simple truth about human existence, Strout reminds us, only wonderful, painful complexity. 'Well, that's life," Olive says. 'Nothing you can do about it.' Beautifully written and alive with compassion, at times almost unbearably poignant. A thrilling book in every way." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.

      GIRL by Edna O'Brien
      A brutal - yet ultimately redemptive - novel of incarceration, horror, and hunger; a harrowing portrayal of the young women abducted by the Nigerian jihadists, Boko Haram, in 2014. Edna O'Brien delivers the unforgettable story of Maryam, of her astonishing survival and of her unflinching faith in the human heart.
      "A master of inner modulations, O'Brien occupies the traumatized psyche of one of the kidnapped and terrorized teens, sensitive and watchful Maryam, who endures a brutal captivity in the nightmarish wilderness. The story of Maryam's survival, escape, and grueling, politicized return is galvanizing and hallucinatory in its anguish and fear. O'Brien's bravely investigated novel is profoundly empathic, unnervingly human, and darkly exquisite." - Booklist *** starred review ***.
      "A stunning novel that forces us to confront one of the more shocking events of recent years. It's a painful read, but an absolutely essential one. An exceptionally fast-paced book; O'Brien has long been known for writing that gets to the point, and she continues that style here. Girl is a stunning novel, another remarkable achievement from one of the English language's greatest living writers." - NPR.
      "Girl is the book to read for the sights and sounds and, yes, smells of some Nigerians' harrowing experiences. . . of what it's like to live in a world of radical, deadly unpredictability. The rhythm of Girl is intermittent and fearsomely strong; reading this novel is like riding the rapids. O'Brien's understanding of, and sympathy for, girls in trouble transcends culture - the place she's made for them in her fiction is practically a country of its own." - The Atlantic.
      "A feat of empathy and imagination. . . O'Brien uses every opportunity to insert songs, tales, myths, and rituals of the country, deeply enriching a story and a character that were already memorable. A heartbreaking tale and a singular achievement." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.

      THE MAN WHO SAW EVERYTHING by Deborah Levy
      On the eve of a trip to East Germany in 1988, Saul Adler, a young historian, poses for a photo at the crosswalk on Abbey Road made famous by a Beatles album cover and is hit by an oncoming car. The accident completely changes the trajectory of his narcissistic life. In her third Booker Prize nominated novel, Deborah Levy delivers a masterful story about the difficulty of seeing ourselves and others clearly and about the reinvention of history by people in power.
      "Levy's sense of dramatic form is unerring, and her precise, dispassionate prose effortlessly summons people and landscapes." - The New Yorker.
      "Elliptical, elusive and endlessly stimulating. . . packs an astonishing amount into 200 pages. . . a brilliantly constructed jigsaw puzzle of meaning that will leave readers wondering how much they can ever truly know." - The Washington Post.
      "One of the most intellectually exciting writers in Britain today, has produced a caustically funny exploration of history, perception, the nature of political tyranny and how lovers can simultaneously charm and erase each other." - The New York Times.
      "The twice Booker-shortlisted Levy is a genius author and she returns with an electrifying new novel that explores both what we see and what we miss until the past and present are staring directly at us." - The Sunday Times (U.K.).
      "Complex in theme and symbol, this story packs an entire world - in fact, different versions of this world - into 200 pages. Each novel Man Booker finalist Deborah Levy writes comes nearer perfection. Reread The Man Who Saw Everything for the deep pleasure of it, but also to savor each scene's multiple meanings." - The New York Journal of Books.
    • Fiction: Recently Released in Paperback (Aisle 1-B)

      (Back Bay/Hachette)
      AN ORCHESTRA OF MINORITIES by Chigozie Obioma
      Chinonso, a young Nigerian poultry farmer, will do anything to win the hand of his true love, Ndali, despite her wealthy family's disapproval. But his efforts to improve his circumstances are thwarted by fate and betrayal. Chigozie Obioma evokes both Homer's Odyssey and Nigerian mythology in an unforgettable novel of love and sacrifice which also subtly serves as an allegory of African history.
      "Obioma's latest novel meditates on the psychic turmoil of the downtrodden. A wrenching study of the sacrifices made for love. . . an acute narrative about the indignities of traveling as an outsider. The novel aches with Chinonso. His triumphs are rare and hard-won. Obioma compels the reader to root for him, to see the poor chicken farmer's story as an epic." - The Atlantic.
      "Obioma illustrates how the traditional realistic western novel may be perfectly adapted to Igbo cosmology, in which human beings are just one of many equal competing forces in a spiritually complex universe. Only a master of literary form could manage to pull this off. An Orchestra of Minorities is more than a superb and tragic novel; it's a historical treasure." - The Boston Globe.
      "Obioma's frenetically assured second novel is a spectacular artistic leap forward. His new book is a linguistically flamboyant, fast-moving, fatalistic saga. Rich in folklore and the daily colour of ordinary life juxtaposed with the spirit world resonating all around it, Obioma's morality tale triumphs." - The Guardian (U.K.).
      "An intricately wrought and powerful study of a man caught in the jaws of fate. There is also a powerful political and historical message here too. This is a powerful, multifarious novel that underlines Obioma's status as one of the most exciting voices in modern African literature." - Financial Times (U.K.).

      GIRL, WOMAN, OTHER by Bernardine Evaristo
      In twelve chapters, twelve women move through the world in different decades. Their lives overlap, but their experiences, backgrounds and choices could not be more different. This is a glorious love song to black womanhood: celebratory, ever-dynamic and utterly irresistible.
      "Each storyline brings the reader round to a position of empathy. The characters are flawed and complex. When each section ends, we leave with a new perspective. Evaristo's world is not idealised, but there is something uniquely beautiful about it. For many readers, it's not a familiar world. But that certainly doesn't mean it's not a world that is possible, and worth celebrating. Girl, Woman, Other is about struggle, but it is also about love, joy and imagination." - The Guardian (U.K.).
      "Weaves through time and space with crackling originality." - Vogue Magazine.
      "Evaristo's eighth book continues to expand and enhance our literary canon. A sparkling new novel that progresses in clever twists and turns to a surprise ending. . . The language is exuberant, bursting at the seams in delightful ways. A prose feast. . . The characters' moving tales of pain, joy and friendship are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and heritages: African, Caribbean, European. This is a story for our times. . . This is the writer to read." - The New Statesman (U.K.).
      "Girl, Woman, Other received half a Booker Prize, but it deserves all the glory. A breathtaking symphony of black women's voices, a clear-eyed survey of contemporary challenges that's nevertheless wonderfully life-affirming. . . Together, all these women present a cross-section that feels godlike in its scope and insight." - The Washington Post.

      DUCKS, NEWBURYPORT by Lucy Ellman
      A profoundly ambitious book about what it's like to be alive in the 21st century. By turns a cozy domestic tale, a feminist rant, and (courtesy of a subplot involving a mountain lion) an adventure story, it's a terrifying, deeply funny, thoroughly original reinvention of the American novel.
      "A remarkable portrait of a woman in contemporary America contemplating her own life and society's storm clouds, such as the Flint water crisis, gun violence, and the Trump presidency. The narrator is a fiercely protective mother trying to raise her children the only way she knows how, in a rapidly changing and hostile environment. Ellmann's work is challenging but undoubtedly brilliant." - Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***.
      "Brings together elements from all Ellmann's previous books: her great love of lists; the endless references to popular culture; the roarings and forebodings and glorious meanderings. I could tell you the significance of the ducks of the title, but that would cheat you of one of the great pleasures of the novel. It's a book about a mother's love, but also about loss and grief, and anxiety dreams about Donald Trump, and despair about mass shootings. It is also a catalogue of life's many injuries and mishaps and of the simple joys and consolations of memory and imagination. A triumph." - The Guardian (U.K.).
      "A long, free-association, run-on sentence coming from the overactive brain of a mother of four. The story that emerges from her riffs and ruminations is interrupted only by a tale about a mountain lion, which seems to have nothing to do with the main event until the two ingeniously merge. VERDICT: Is it worth the considerable time and effort required to get through 728 densely packed pages to journey into the mind of this funny and insanely loveable worrywart? Yes! It's a jaw-dropping miracle." - Library Journal *** starred review ***.

      SUICIDE WOODS by Benjamin Percy
      One of our most acclaimed storytellers brings his page-turning skills to bear in a potent brew of horror, crime, and weird happenings in the woods. Benjamin Percy delivers haunting and chilling narratives that will have readers hanging on every word. This dark, inventive collection is a master class in suspense and horror.
      "Oh horrors! Dark, chilling and perfect. . . Every story is individual and utterly captivating." - Newsweek.
      "An addictive mix of gritty crime fiction and otherworldly horror. Percy's prose is exacting, finely tuning the atmospherics. . . Suicide Woods is a testament to Percy's skill as a writer. He takes no shortcuts in eliciting thrills. The collection is by turns provocative and terrifying." - Shelf Awareness *** starred review ***.
      "A total nightmare - in the best way possible. Percy lures readers into a world that is part real, part surreal. . . This merging of reality and dream states has a powerfully unsettling effect but Percy nestles shimmers of hope in the dark forest. Above all, the language throughout is remarkable: sharp and stinging, yet replete with desolate, hypnagogic beauty." - The Washington Review of Books.
      "Percy's haunting, well-crafted prose elevates the mundanity and isolation of being human into something otherworldly. This gripping, often unnerving collection showcases Percy's talent as a skilled, versatile storyteller." - Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***.
      "Percy's story collection explores a natural world, tired of being misunderstood and threatened by humans, that is finally threatening back. There is icy beauty in Percy's language. . . This beauty redeems the vision of darkness that he offers - held out before us, these words suggest that there is still something worth saving in our broken human existence. Like modern Grimm fairy tales, the stories in this volume are cautionary and haunting." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.

      A BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR: Washington Post, Esquire, Minneapolis Star Tribune
      A LADDER TO THE SKY by John Boyne
      Maurice Swift is handsome, charming, and hungry for fame. The one thing he doesn't have is talent - but he's not about to let a detail like that stand in his way. After all, a would-be writer can find stories anywhere. They don't need to be his own. A seductive, unputdownable psychodrama. A fascinating portrait of a relentlessly immoral man who will stop at nothing in his pursuit of success. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
      "A deliciously dark tale of ambition, seduction and literary theft. In Maurice Swift, Boyne has given us an unforgettable protagonist, dangerous and irresistible in equal measure. The result is an ingeniously conceived novel that confirms Boyne as one of the most assured writers of his generation." - The Guardian (U.K.).
      "Maliciously witty, erudite and ingeniously constructed. A Ladder to the Sky keeps twisting and turning in such slyly unpredictable ways that, honestly, I sometimes laughed out loud at Boyne's ingenuity." - Maureen Corrigan, NPR.
      "John Boyne's delicious new novel spins out over several decades with thrilling unpredictability. And while the book reads as a thriller with a body count that would make Highsmith proud, it is also an exploration of morality and art: Where is the line between inspiration and thievery? To whom does a story belong?" - Vanity Fair.
      "A riot of a read. . . An author at the top of his game who knows exactly what he wants to say." - The Sunday Times (U.K.).
      "Boyne's fast-paced, white-knuckle plot, accompanied by delightfully sardonic commentary on the ego, insecurities, and pitfalls of those involved in the literary world, makes for a truly engrossing experience." - Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***. - Kirkus Reviews.

      A BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR: Buzzfeed, The Today Show, NPR, The Atlantic, LitHub, Electric Lit, PBS Books, Nylon, Bustle, Vulture, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, BBC
      THE INCENDIARIES by R. O. Kwon
      A young woman at an elite American university is drawn into acts of domestic terrorism. R. O. Kwon delivers a searing debut novel about faith, identity and obsession.
      "Kwon's debut has all the elements of what should be a stupendous success: exquisite prose, vivid characterizations, and astute observations." - Booklist.
      "A singular version of the campus novel. Kwon delivers a poignant and powerful look into the millenial mindset. A story about spiritual uncertainty and about fierce and undisciplined desire." - NPR.
      "Remarkable. . . Every page blooms with sensuous language. These are characters in quiet crisis, burning, above all, to know themselves, and Kwon leads them, confidently, to an enthralling end." - Paris Review.
      "Kwon's multi-faceted narrative portrays America's dark, radical strain, exploring the lure of fundamentalism, our ability to be manipulated, and what can happen when we're willing to do anything for a cause." - The Atlantic.
      "A sharp, little novel as hard to ignore as a splinter in your eye. R.O. Kwon doesn't make it easy to get her debut out of your system. In a nation still so haunted by the divine promise, on the cusp of ever-more contentious debates about abortion and other intrinsically spiritual issues, The Incendiaries arrives at precisely the right moment." - The Washington Post.
      "A radiant debut novel. . . unusual, raw and finely wrought. This is a dark, absorbing story. The novel is about extremism, yes, but it's for anyone who's ever been captivated by another." - The New York Times.


      MY SISTER, THE SERIAL KILLER by Valeria Luiselli
      A lethally elegant comic novel set in Nigeria about a woman whose younger sister has a very inconvenient habit of killing her boyfriends. Oyinkan Braithwaite's deliciously deadly debut is as fun as it is frightening.
      "A bombshell of a book - sharp, explosive, hilarious. . . It's Lagos noir - pulpy, peppery and sinister, served up in a comic deadpan. This book is, above all, built to move, to hurtle forward - and it does so, dizzyingly. There's a seditious pleasure in its momentum. At a time when there are such wholesome and dull claims on fiction, there's a relief in encountering a novel faithful to art's first imperative: to catch and keep our attention. This scorpion-tailed little thriller leaves a sting you will remember." - The New York Times.
      "A rich, dark debut. Evocative of the murderously eccentric Brewster sisters from the classic play and film Arsenic and Old Lace. Braithwaite doesn't mock the murders as comic fodder, and that's just one of the unexpected pleasures of her quirky novel. A clever, affecting examination of siblings bound by a secret with a body count." - The Boston Globe.
      "Braithwaite's blazing debut is as sharp as a knife, bitingly funny and brilliantly executed, with not a single word out of place." - Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***.
      "Darkly compelling. . . The prose is as deft, personal, and economic as it is evocative. Braithwaite combines the comparatively lighter tropes of Jane Austen with a dark tale of murder, familial complication, and moral compromise, and thereby redefines both tropes for a new generation. This is expert storytelling." - The Los Angeles Review of Books.

      A LUCKY MAN: STORIES by Jamel Brinkley
      A must-read debut collection of profoundly moving short fiction portraying young African-American men struggling with fathers, brothers, and friends - present and absent.
      "Full of subtle poignancy. . . Each story is a trenchant exploration of race and class, vividly conveying the tension between social codes of masculinity and the vulnerable, volatile self." - The New Yorker.
      "A Lucky Man is intent on recognizing what masculinity looks like, questioning our expectations of it, and criticizing its toxicity - and somehow managing to do all of that with love. The collection may include only nine stories, but in each of them, Brinkley gives us an entire world." - NPR.
      "These stories hit with a silent thunder that reverberates within you long after you've finished them." - The San Francisco Chronicle.
      "It's difficult to single out any story as most outstanding since they are each distinguished by Brinkley's lyrical invention, precise descriptions of both emotional and physical terrain, and a prevailing compassion toward people as bemused by travail as they are taken aback by whatever epiphanies blossom before them. A major talent." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.
      "A collection as fine as this, of fiction that is reflecting our world and searching for the truth, is one to be treasured, read and reread, admired, and loved." - Ploughshares.
    • Non-Fiction: Recently Released in Hardcover (Front Display)

      KNOW MY NAME: A Memoir by Chanel Miller
      Chanel Miller was known to the world as "Emily Doe" when she stunned millions with a sexual assault victim impact statement that instantly went viral. Her words were translated globally and read on the floor of Congress - inspiring changes in California law and the recall of the judge in the case. Now she reclaims her identity to tell her story of trauma, transcendence, and the power of speaking out.
      "Know My Name is one woman's story. But it's also every woman's story - the story of a world whose institutions are built to protect men. It is a beautifully written, powerful, important story. It marks the debut of a gifted young writer. Miller's words are purpose. They are maps. And she is a treasure who has prevailed." - The New York Times.
      "A devastating, immersive memoir. We live with Miller minute by minute, thinking and feeling with her. At points, particularly during the account of her testimony, it is hard to read it and breathe at the same time. Miller is an extraordinary writer: plain, precise and moving." - NPR.
      "Miller is a gifted storyteller who establishes her authority by stacking details, setting scenes. . . she observes her own ordeal by adopting the stance of a reporter, a media critic. . . She is heartbreakingly resourceful. . . No narrative is as persuasive as Miller's. Know her name, know her voice." - The New Yorker.
      "Difficult to read in part because it is beautiful to read. When trauma is transformed into art, there will always be a paradox at play: The art's existence is beautiful. But it shouldn't have to exist at all. But Know My Name is insistent in its very presence. It forces readers not only to look and listen, but also to really see, to really hear." - The Atlantic.
      "Miller brings her story alive with so many compelling details that we feel every electric twitch and nuance of her tale. At times, the tension is almost unbearable. . . she has told her story with such visceral power, and such quiet, deadly anger. . . A searing, beautiful book by a supremely talented writer." - The Times (U.K.).

      A BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR: Variety, TIME Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Glamour
      DEAR GIRLS: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets & Advice for Living Your Best Life by Ali Wong
      Wong's heartfelt and hilarious letters to her daughters cover everything they need to know in life, like the unpleasant details of dating, how to be a working mom in a male-dominated profession, and how she trapped their dad. Though addressed to her daughters, the letters are absurdly funny, surprisingly moving, and enlightening for all. There is no better collection of wisecracking wisdom this season!
      "The comedian, actor, and writer distills years of advice. Throughout these topical letters, her trademark candor is equal parts crass, tender and sober. But it's behind-the-scenes memories of Wong's past that stand out for their pointed depiction of a Bay Area immigrant family. A down-to-earth collection that is raw but not irreverent." - Kirkus Reviews.
      "Wong spins a volume whose pages simultaneously shock and satisfy. . . Dear Girls is not so much a real-talk handbook as it is a myth-puncturing manifesto." - Vogue.
      "A refreshing, hilarious, and honest account of making a career in a male-dominated field, dating, being a mom, growing up, and so much more. Yes, this book is addressed to Wong's daughters, but every reader will find nuggets of wisdom and inspiration and, most important, something to laugh at." - Bustle.
      "You will be desensitized to the grossest of Wong's gross-outs by chapter one, at which point you have already learned how to hold in a fart during yoga. But as with her stage comedy, she is also sneakily thoughtful about the public roles she occupies. She even offers surprisingly tender takes on her immigrant-minded parents, her sensitive husband, and motherhood, the match that lit her career on fire. Wong's daughters should consider themselves lucky to have a self-made, cultural touchstone for a mother." - Booklist.
      "Ali Wong's first book is everything her fans would expect: raunchy, real and uproariously funny. At times, Wong is definitively R-rated. Then, she’s vulnerable. Through it all, she’s the best kind of funny." - USA Today.

      MOMENT OF LIFT: How Empowering Women Changes the World by Melinda Gates
      The co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest private foundation in the world, Melinda Gates has dedicated her life to achieving transformational improvements in the health and prosperity of families, communities, and societies. In Moment of Lift, she shares lessons she's learned from the inspiring people she's met during her work and travels around the world. Throughout her journey, one thing has become increasingly clear to her: If you want to lift a society up, you need to stop keeping women down.
      "Drawing on her vast experiences meeting women in far-flung corners of the developing world, Gates' book is a heartfelt memoir about stepping out of her comfort zone, as well as a manifesto about the transformative power of broadening women's rights." - The San Francisco Chronicle.
      "Part memoir, part call to action, Gates's compassionate narrative underscores her determination to leave a positive mark on this world. She inspires and emboldens in this eloquently argued work." - Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***.
      "An inspirational look at the need to empower women to make change in the world." - The Washington Post.
      "Backs her arguments with the facts that came from immersing herself in cultures where she could observe and experience firsthand the changes that empowering women can bring. At a time when beneficial globalization is being threatened by nationalism, and women's rights are in danger of being rolled back to nineteenth-century norms, Gates offers urgent reminders of why it's necessary to help women everywhere achieve their full potential." - Booklist *** starred review ***.

      (St. Martin's/MPS)
      HOW TO THINK LIKE A ROMAN EMPEROR: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius by Donald Robertson
      Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius was the last famous Stoic philosopher of the ancient world. The Meditations, his personal journal, survives to this day as one of the most loved self-help and spiritual classics of all time. Cognitive psychotherapist Donald Robertson weaves the life and philosophy of Marcus Aurelius together seamlessly to provide a compelling modern-day guide to the Stoic wisdom followed by countless individuals throughout the centuries as a path to achieving greater fulfillment and emotional resilience.
      "An illuminating study of the principles of Stoic philosophy, to which Aurelius was an adherent, within the framework of cognitive-behavioral therapy. A fascinating history of Aurelius and his beliefs, and an insightful consideration of how they inform the practice of modern mindfulness." - Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***.
      "Robertson distills the emperor's philosophy into useful mental habits. . . He displays a sound knowledge of Marcus' life and thought and his accessible prose style contributes to its appeal. The book succeeds on its own terms, presenting a convincing case for the continuing relevance of an archetypal philosopher-king." - The Wall Street Journal.
      "A wonderful introduction to one of history's greatest figures: Marcus Aurelius. His life and this book are a clear guide for those facing adversity, seeking tranquility and pursuing excellence." - Ryan Holiday, The Daily Stoic.

      THE APOLOGY by Eve Ensler
      Eve Ensler, the author of The Vagina Monologues - one of the most celebrated plays of the 20th century, waited decades for an apology from her abusive father that never came. She finally had to write one for him.
      "The Apology contains the words that Ensler needed to hear her father say. It's a slim book of unbearable heft. Ensler isn't letting her father - or any abuser - off the hook. For those men - the famous and the unknown - The Apology is a blueprint of contrition." - The Washington Post.
      "Beyond its power and personal bravery, this is a reintroduction to Ensler's smart, sophisticated writing. Much as The Vagina Monologues made space for people to talk about female sexuality, this book will transform our collective understanding of what an apology for sexual violence can and should be, and how maybe it's more important for survivors to write the script; necessary reading for all." - Library Journal *** starred review ***.
      "The Apology is more than a reckoning with a man long dead; it's a healing exploration of how survivors can recover from sexual abuse." - The New York Times.
      "A bold act of imaginative empathy. . . Electrically intense. . . An incredibly brave attempt to make sense of what seems senseless. It's a powerful and sometimes devastating anatomisation of harm." - The Times (U.K.).
      "Fully amplifying her father's warped perceptions, the author provides an exacting, revealing glimpse into the psychology of gaslighting from the view of a perpetrator. This imagined voice is as intimate as it is alarming, and Ensler also taps into a broader struggle, seeking to hold all perpetrators of abuse accountable for their actions. Those seeking a greater understanding of psychological manipulation will appreciate this powerful examination. A potent, necessary narrative of healing." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.
    • Non-Fiction: Recently Released in Paperback (Aisle 2-B)

      UNCOMMON GROUNDS by Mark Pendergrast
      The story of coffee from its discovery on a hill in ancient Abyssinia to the advent of Starbucks. As the scope of coffee culture continues to expand, Mark Pendergrast delivers a brilliantly entertaining guide and homage to the world's favorite beverage.
      "With wit and humor, Pendergrast has served up a rich blend of anecdote, character study, market analysis, and social history. Everything you ought to know about coffee is here, even how to make it." - The New York Times.
      "Pendergrast's account satisfies because of its thoroughness. He unearths coffee-based trade wars, health reports, and café cultures, bringing to light amusing treasures along the way." - Mother Jones.
      "Pendergrast has produced a splendid tale, setting out all one could hope to know about coffee." - Scientific American.
      "An exhaustive, admirably ambitious examination of coffee's global impact, from its roots in 15th-century Ethiopia to its critical role in shaping the nations of Central and Latin America. Should be read by anyone curious about what goes into their daily cup of Java" - Kirkus Reviews.
      "Ask anyone in the coffee world and they will cite this book as a favorite. It gives a comprehensive understanding to the history and complexities of your favorite drink." - The Kitchen.

      (Back Bay/Hachette)
      CALYPSO by David Sedaris
      When he buys a beach house on the Carolina coast, acclaimed humorist David Sedaris envisions long, relaxing vacations spent playing board games and lounging in the sun with those he loves most. . . He was wrong. This is beach reading for people who detest beaches, required reading for those who loathe small talk. Calypso is simultaneously Sedaris's darkest and warmest book yet - and it just might be his very best.
      "Bad news has sharpened the author's humor, and this book is defined by a persistent, engaging bafflement over how seriously or unseriously to take life when it's increasingly filled with Trump and funerals. Sedaris at his darkest - and his best." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.
      "With this tenth book, Sedaris demonstrates yet again what makes him the best American humorist writing today: a remarkable ability to combine the personal with the political, the mundane with the profane, slime with sublime, and hilarity with heart." - NPR.
      "If there's one thing you can count on in life, it's Sedaris to leave you giggling on the beach in both humor and horror." - The Daily Beast.
      "This book allows us to observe not just the nimble-mouthed elf of Sedaris's previous work, but a man expunging his darker secrets and contemplating mortality. The brilliance of David Sedaris's writing is that his very essence, his aura, seeps through the pages of his books like an intoxicating cloud, mesmerizing us so that his logic becomes ours. The geeks really do inherit the earth." - The New York Times.

      HABEAS DATA: Privacy vs. the Rise of Surveillance Tech by David Sedaris
      Until the 21st century, most of our activities were private by default, public only through effort. But today - as we recently learned from reports about Cambridge Analytica - our data might be turned into a propaganda machine against us. An absolutely crucial exploration of the tools of surveillance that exist today, how they work, and what the implications are for the future of privacy.
      "Habeas Data should be required reading for all public officials who want to better understand the near-future of privacy and surveillance." - Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland, CA.
      "A great book. Cyrus Farivar shows that the government, at all levels, needs to more forthright about what kind of surveillance is used on all of us. The law desperately needs to catch up." - Ted Lieu, U.S. Representative for California's 33rd congressional district.
      "A lively history of recent Fourth Amendment jurisprudence. Farivar is correct that among the many things the tech industry has disrupted is Fourth Amendment jurisprudence." - The New Yorker.
      "Cyrus Farivar has covered the excitement and tensions of big data collection for years. He his perfectly positioned, with this new book, to chart the history that brought us here and suss out where we're going next." - Slate.
      "Cyrus Farivar pulls back the curtain on how the government has transformed everyday technologies into surveillance machines, and public and private places into surveillance traps - part deep-dive into how everything from your smartphone to your home can be used as a surveillance tool, and part crash-course in the court cases that both help and fail to constrain the government's most privacy-invasive activities. Should be at the top of everyone's must-read list." - The Open Technology Institute.

      IMPEACHMENT: A Citizen's Guide by Cass R. Sunstein
      An essential guide to the impeachment process that rises above politics and goes beyond punditry, from one of America's foremost legal experts, including analysis of the Mueller Report.
      "An elegant new monograph. . . A legal and historical framework for thinking about impeachment, independent of any specific president. I've been thinking about the topic a lot since finishing the book, and I want to recommend it. It's a careful history of impeachment - of when the founders believed it was appropriate and necessary." - David Leonhardt, The New York Times.
      "Considering that the only executive branch event more unnerving for voters than impeachment is assassination, Sunstein's book is a surprisingly cheerful read." - Sarah Vowell, The New York Times.
      "Sunstein has written a concise, enlightening, and argumentative history and guide to getting rid of presidents. It's a why-to and when-to, and a what-were-they-thinking-when-they-decided-to kind of book." - The Washington Post.
      "A lively, compact, and authoritative account. Sunstein addresses the most intriguing questions posed by this little used but pivotal constitutional provision. Truly lives up to its promise of being A Citizen's Guide. Offers edifying background for an argument that might soon be in need of eloquent, as well as passionate, delivery." - The Los Angeles Review of Books.
      "Thoroughly grounded in constitutional history and past practice. . . Excellent." - The New York Review of Books.

      LIKE A MOTHER: A Feminist Journey Through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy by Angela Garbes
      An in-depth look at pregnancy through a scientific and feminist lens challenges popular assumptions, offers help for navigating contradictions, and provides facts to aid with making informed decisions.
      "Garbes has created an empowering resource rooted in emerging science and real-life stories. In each chapter, she shares up-to-date, well-substantiated information about women's physical and mental health, aiming to help readers reduce their anxiety and make truly informed choices. Throughout this thoughtful book, she speaks to her readers as peers, providing affirmation that their experiences are important and that they are not alone." - Publishers Weekly.
      "In spite of how long women have been giving birth, there is a lot of misinformation out there about pregnancy and motherhood. Angela Garbes seeks to get it straight. She not only corrects misinformation but offers advice and support." - Bustle.
      "Garbes unpacks reams of pregnancy advice, often absurd in its conflicting demands. Like a Mother gave me a toolkit for approaching a hoped-for future." - The Huffington Post.
      "The science is sublime. I especially appreciated learning how much we still don't know about the high-stakes path to parenthood. But what got me was Garbes' regard for mothers as people in their own right, rather than the hosts or self-sacrificing caregivers they're conditioned to be." - The Seattle Times.
      "You don't have to be a mother or even a woman to be fascinated by the science and physiology that Garbes writes about." - NPR.

      POSITIVELY TAROT: A Modern Guide to a Mindful Life by Emma Toynbee*
      Master the art of tarot reading with this unique illustrated guide, filled with clear information and 100 helpful drawings. In the perfect book for both beginners or experienced tarot readers, Emma Toynbee expertly explains how the tarot can provide all-important answers to the many questions in life.
      Want to make major changes or improvements to your life? Or learn how to deal with day-to-day events? Maybe just looking to shake things up? Positively Tarot is a unique, illustrated guide that teaches readers how to ultimately find purpose, well-being, and happiness in their personal life, professional life, finances, or health. Designed for those who are ambitious in their learning but also want to be time-efficient, this book highlights key terms and uses a logic-based key-coded system to easily understand the complexities of reading the tarot.
      * Author Emma Toynbee is a professional metaphysician, clairvoyant reader, astrologer and fine artist trained at St. Martins in London. She studied and has taught at the London College of Psychic Studies and runs a London-based practice. She makes regular appearances at high profile PR and corporate events as a professional tarot reader, most recently at Amazon and Google events.

      One of the Ten Best Books of the Year: The New York Times
      SMALL FRY: A Memoir by Lisa Brennan-Jobs
      A fascinating and moving account of the author's complex and difficult relationship with her complex and difficult father - Apple founder Steve Jobs. This is a deeply personal and artfully crafted memoir that unveils hidden and unknown sides of Steve Jobs from the person who knew him best. Lisa Brennan-Jobs proves to be an unforgettable guide.
      "Entrancing. . . Brennan-Jobs is a deeply gifted writer. Her inner landscape is depicted in such exquisitely granular detail that it feels as if no one else could have possibly written it. Indeed, it has that defining aspect of a literary work: the stamp of a singular sensibility. In the fallen world of celebrity memoirs, this may be the most beautiful, literary and devastating one ever written." — The New York Times (Editors' Choice).
      "An epic, sharp coming-of-age story. Brennan-Jobs offers a stunningly beautiful study of parenting that just so happens to include the co-founder of Apple. She skillfully and poignantly navigates her formative years, revealing the emotional wounds that parents can often visit upon their children. But this is not a tell-all; it's an exquisitely rendered story of family, love, and identity. It's rare to find a memoir from a celebrity's child in which the writing is equal to - or exceeds - the parent's reputation, but that is the case with Brennan-Jobs' debut." — Kirkus Revews *** starred review ***.
      "A memoir of uncommon grace, maturity and spare elegance. Despite it all, despite Jobs' callousness, Lisa Brennan-Jobs writes about her father without a hint of rancor. Instead, the reader of this exquisite memoir is left with a loving, forgiving remembrance and the lasting impression of a resilient, kindhearted and wise woman who is at peace with her past." — The San Francisco Chronicle.
    • Poetry: Recently Released (Aisle 2-A)

      THE OCTOPUS MUSEUM: Poems by Brenda Shaughnessy
      A stunning collection of bold and scathingly beautiful feminist poetry that imagines what comes after our current age of environmental destruction, racism, sexism, and divisive politics. These heartbreaking, terrified poems are the battle cry of a woman who is fighting for the survival of the world she loves, and a stirring exhibition of who we are as a civilization.
      "A highly original look at the world as it is today and the dangers we seem intent on inflicting upon ourselves. . . Shaughnessy writes startling poems that are both intellectually wide-ranging and emotionally riveting." - The New York Journal of Books
      "Shaughnessy imagines a dystopian future in which octopuses reign, while humans receive their just deserts for centuries of environmental devastation. With an unparalleled ear for language, Shaughnessy excels at making the tragic transcendent." - Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***.
      "Like octopuses, Shaughnessy's poems manage to be both fleshy and cerebral, concerned with a self that breathes through fragile skin. She offers up these beautiful innards through her words; they twist agony into acceptance only to return and be picked apart again, a recognizable cycle of motherhood and womanhood - humanhood, depending on your definition." - The Paris Review.
      "If they are often bleak, Shaughnessy's poems are also very funny. Shaughnessy can also write the kind of line that is confusing in its beauty, whose beauty exceeds its sense, which is the thing I go to poetry for - lines that can be read and reread without exhausting their potential meaning." - The New York Times.

      Winner of the Walt Whitman Award of the Academy of American Poets
      BRUTE: Poems by Emily Skaja
      An introduction to a new and unforgettable voice in American poetry. Emily Skaja's debut collection is a fiery, hypnotic book that confronts the dark questions and menacing silences around gender, sexuality, and violence.
      "In Brute, the anguish comes from an emotionally abusive lover and the abrupt end of a relationship. As the speaker excavates her grief and disbelief, she slowly moves from self-condemnation to a fiery insistence that she can overcome her boyfriend's damaging assessments of her worth and reclaim the power she once had. The speaker's brutal honesty and emotional transformation offer an engrossing guide for anyone dealing with a devastating loss." - The Washington Post
      "Skaja's poems are both primal scream-songs and elegies to the end of a relationship. With relentless, driving energy, Skaja's poems seek brutal truths while searching for meaningful transformation." - Booklist.
      "Emily Skaja reaches for nature in Brute to overcome the loss of an abusive lover, to overcome grief. Skaja knows exactly how to engage nature, readers, and life. Her diverse poetics prove her broad range of skills. She takes risks. . . All poems in Brute flow with precision and ease." - The New York Review of Books.
      "What happens when rage and grief transform us, when our bodily fury makes us feel animal? What language do we use to howl such feral moments? These are the questions that animate Skaja's taut, ferocious debut. This is a book about survival, and a welcome, confident debut." - The New York Times.
    • Young Adult & Juvenile Fiction & Non-Fiction: Recently Released (Children's Books Section)

      A QUEER HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE by Michael Bronski | Adapted by Richie Chevat
      Through engrossing narratives, letters, drawings, poems, and more, young readers of all identities are encouraged to feel pride at the accomplishments of the LGBTQ people who came before them and to use history as a guide to the future. With over 60 illustrations and photos, a glossary, and a corresponding curriculum, this is a vital book for teachers who want to introduce a new perspective to America's story.
      "Be they erstwhile researchers, concerned adults, or curious kids, readers will find a straightforward, documented, nonsensational celebration of the contributions of LGBTQ people in the U.S. over the past three centuries. Above all, there is continuous reassurance that the definition of 'normal' has always been in flux, that numerous LGBTQ people have been important figures in American history, and that young LGBTQ people of today will make crucial contributions to future history." — Booklist *** starred review ***.
      "Doubly valuable: it serves well as a general read and fills a clear curricular need. VERDICT: An overall successful adaptation of an important work, rich with content relevant to all disciplines and beyond." — School Library Journal *** starred review ***.
      "With its focus on individuals who dared to fight for their rights, A Queer History of the United States for Young People will serve as a touchstone for LGBTQ readers seeking proof of the greatness that preceded them and confidence in the success that awaits in their future." — Shelf Awareness.

      TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN by John Green
      BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR: New York Times, NPR, Time Magazine, Seventeen, Boston Globe, Booklist, Publishers Weekly
      Sixteen-year-old Aza never intended to pursue the mystery of fugitive billionaire Russell Pickett, but there's a hundred-thousand-dollar reward at stake and her Best and Most Fearless Friend, Daisy, is eager to investigate. So together, they navigate the short distance and broad divides that separate them from Russell Pickett's son, Davis. In his long-awaited return, John Green, the acclaimed, award-winning author of The Fault in Our Stars, shares Aza's story with shattering, unflinching clarity in this brilliant novel of love, resilience, and the power of lifelong friendship.
      "It's here: the eagerly awaited new novel by John Green, and not to milk the suspense - it's superb. A challenging but richly rewarding read. It is also the most mature of Green's work to date and deserving of all the accolades that are sure to come its way." — Booklist *** starred review ***.
      "An emotional journey into the world of mental illness. . . heartbreakingly vivid. A teenage romance in which the love story is more about loving yourself than another; it is an incredibly powerful tale of the pain of mental illness, the pressures of youth and coming of age when you feel like you're coming undone" — Shelf Awareness *** starred review ***.
      "In an age where troubling events happen almost weekly, this deeply empathetic novel about learning to live with demons and love one's imperfect self is timely and important." — Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***.
      "A deeply resonant and powerful novel that will inform and enlighten readers even as it breaks their hearts. A must-buy." — School Library Journal.

      Mild-mannered teenager C.J. Katsuyama has trouble living up to her ambitious mother's expectations, but finds her true calling when she has to save her aunt's business from a predatory company with a history of preying on the defenseless. A thrilling coming-of-age novel that weaves riveting family drama, surprising humor, and delightful romance into a story that will draw readers in from the very first page.
      "Deftly questions accountability for past injustices. . . Sugiura tackles an abundance of topics with finesse, including social and economic injustice, allyship, and feminism, simultaneously breaking down the Asian-American immigration narrative and the myth of the model minority. Essential." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.
      "C.J.'s emotional landscape is a nonstop roller coaster. Her inner thoughts crackle with an angst and self-doubt that teens will find engaging. Sugiura's deep dive into mother-daughter relationships, the fragility of self-worth, and the gathering of courage resonates deeply." - Booklist.
      "Set in present-day California, this is a gripping, emotionally charged story that presents an interesting window into a uniquely Japanese American experience that deserves attention. Although a work of fiction, the novel discusses the present influence of devastating American history and counters the idea that past experiences of injustice no longer affect the modern landscape. Sugiura's writing perfectly blends these important themes and more as readers travel through very real emotions with a teen attempting to grow up." - School Library Journal *** starred review ***.

      KING'S CAGE by Victoria Aveyard
      The third installment of The Red Queen series - a sweeping tale of power, intrigue, and betrayal. Mare Barrow, the "Lightning Girl" who once led a revolution, is now held captive by her enemies and allegiances are tested on all sides.
      "A sizzling, imaginative thriller, where romance and revolution collide, where power and justice duel. It's exhilarating. Compelling. Action-packed. Unputdownable." - USA Today.
      "Aveyard's 'little lightning girl' remains a relatable and deeply flawed heroine. . . Aveyard adeptly sets the scene for a fourth book to follow, amid a war not yet won." - Publishers Weekly.
      "Aveyard allows the dizzyingly large fleet of characters room to gain new depth. Mare's romantic entanglements shift and sizzle, but the true intrigue lies in the ever expanding war for the crown as the players grow and change games. Simmering with internal conflict and well-devised courtly scheming." - Kirkus Reviews.
      "Aveyard sets her audience up for a gaspworthy twist that reconfigures nearly every character's role and leaves Mare with no one to trust but herself. This blend of fantasy and dystopia will be an unexpected and worthy addition to many genre fans' reading list." - Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books.

      A National Book Award Finalist | A Michael L. Printz Honor Book
      A New York Times Notable Book | A BuzzFeed Best YA Book of the Year
      A New York Public Library Best Book for Teens

      THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR by Nicola Yoon
      Natasha is a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not destiny. Or dreams that will never come true. Daniel is the good son, the good student, living up to his parents' high expectations. Never the poet. Or the dreamer. But a chance encounter on a crowded city street changes everything. . .
      "Carefully plotted and distinctly narrated in Natasha's and Daniel's voices; yet it also allows space for the lives that are swirling around them. . . It's lyrical and sweeping, full of hope, heartbreak, fate, and free will. Every day, like every book, begins full of possibility, but this one holds more than others." - Booklist *** Editor's Choice ***.
      "Is it fate or chance that brings people together? This is the question posed in this impressively multilayered tale of a one-day romance. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of every character she introduces, Yoon weaves an intricate web of threads connecting strangers as she delves into the personal histories of her protagonists, as well as the emotions and conflicts of others who cross their paths. A moving and suspenseful portrayal of a fleeting relationship." - Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***.
      "Natasha and Daniel meet and fall in love during 12 intense hours in New York City. Yoon's lush prose chronicles an authentic romance that's also a meditation on family, immigration, and fate. With appeal to cynics and romantics alike, this profound exploration of life and love tempers harsh realities with the beauty of hope in a way that is both deeply moving and satisfying." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.
      "A new classic. . . The lives of two immigrants teens collide in NYC - despite impossible odds and with unimaginable potential. Our young heroes go through all the phases of dramatic love in just over 12 hours: introduction, attraction, infatuation, confrontation, separation, realization, reconciliation." - The Chistian Science Monitor.
    • Children's Books: Recently Released (Children's Books Section)

      WE ARE THE CHANGE: Words of Inspiration from Civil Rights Leaders by a collaboration of sixteen illustrators | Introduction by Harry Belafonte
      Sixteen award-winning children's book artists illustrate the civil rights quotations that inspire them in this stirring and beautiful book. Featuring an introduction by Harry Belafonte, words from Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. among others, this inspirational collection sets a powerful example for generations of young leaders to come. It includes illustrations by Selina Alko, Alina Chau, Lisa Congdon, Emily Hughes, Molly Idle, Juana Medina, Innosanto Nagara, Christopher Silas Neal, John Parra, Brian Pinkney, Greg Pizzoli, Sean Qualls, Dan Santat, Shadra Strickland, Melissa Sweet, and Raúl the Third.
      "As further food for thought, the artists all add personal reflections about what their chosen passage means to them. A heady mix of visual and verbal inspiration, nearly every page rewarding slow, thoughtful attention." — Kirkus Reviews.
      "Inspired by the continuing work of the American Civil Liberties Union and introduced by singer and activist Harry Belafonte, this volume pairs the works of 16 varied contemporary illustrators with stirring quotations chosen by those illustrators. Handsomely styled, and not afraid to take sides." — Publishers Weekly.

      The pigeon must go to school, but frets about math, learning the alphabet, heavy backpacks, and what the teacher and other birds will think of him.
      "Willems's famed feathered protagonist faces the inevitable with a winning mix of chuckle-inducing bravado, honest emotion, and a child-grabbing point of view. This lovable character works his way through his emotions (raising questions that parents can discuss with their own soon-to-be-students) and finishes on an upbeat note - total jubilation at his means of transportation: a school bus! VERDICT: Deftly balancing genuine concerns with humor and buoyant reassurance, this irresistible offering starring a fan favorite is sure to become a first-day-of-school classic." - School Library Journal *** starred review ***.
      "Spot-on. . . Children on their way to kindergarten may recognize themselves in Pigeon's story and take heart at his (eventual) enthusiasm. Pigeon's been winning hearts since he first appeared with that bus, and multi-multi-award-winning Willems is irresistible to kids and grown-ups alike." - Booklist *** starred review ***.
      "All the typical worries and excuses kids have about school are filtered through Willems' hysterical, bus-loving Pigeon. So Willems, so Pigeon, and so perfect. . . Yes, the Pigeon has to go to school, and so do readers, and this book will surely ease the way." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.

      HAIR LOVE by Matthew A. Cherry | Illustrated by Vashti Harrison
      A heartwarming tale of a Dad who gives his daughter an extra-special hair style to celebrate Mom's return home. Former NFL wide receiver Matthew Cherry teams up with acclimed illustrator Vashti Harrison to deliver an homage to self-confidence and the love between fathers and daughters.
      "Cherry has crafted a celebration of black hair and family that will connect with many. Young readers may be all too familiar with Zuri's longing and excitement for a loved one to come home. Harrison's charming digital renderings thrive both in their detail and in the abstract. VERDICT: A wonderful slice-of-life tale about family support, black hair, and embracing individuality. Highly recommended." - School Library Journal *** starred review ***.
      "Cherry and Harrison create an unforgettable picture book about the bond between an African American father and his daughter. The illustrations meld perfectly with the story. Parents, children, caregivers, teachers, and librarians will find this story to be just the right fit for their bookshelves." - Booklist.
      "An ode to the incredible versatility of African American hair and the charming resilience of a dad dedicated to his daughter." - Shelf Awareness.

      HOW TO READ A BOOK by Kwame Alexander | Illustrated by Melissa Sweet
      Newbery Medalist author Kwame Alexander and Caldecott Honoree illustator Melissa Sweet join forces to take children on a poetic and sensory journey through the experience of reading.
      "A linguistic and visual feast. . . The orchestration of finding magic between pages is an art emphasized but unexplained - until now. Not only does the book explain how to read, but it also demonstrates the elegant and emotive chaos awaiting readers in an intricate partnership of text and image." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.
      "Who better to illustrate this delicious poem than Caldecott Honoree Sweet? Not a splash of color, a piece of paper, or a line is out of place. A beautiful book not to be rushed through, but to be enjoyed morsel by tasty morsel." - School Library Journal *** starred review ***. "An engaging and mesmerizing ode to reading. Beginning with the captivating front endpapers that contain a poem and letters of the alphabet, this title is a treat to ears and eyes with its lyrical language and visual metaphors." - Booklist *** starred review ***.
      "This love poem to literacy conjures up startling, luscious images...By turns dreamy and ecstatic." - Publishers Weekly.

      (Henry Holt/MPS)
      IT FEELS GOOD TO BE YOURSELF: A Book about Gender Identity by Theresa Thorn | Illustrated by Noah Grigni
      This sweet, straightforward exploration of gender identity will give children a fuller understanding of themselves and others. Written by the mother of a transgender child and illustrated by a transgender artist, this picture book provides young readers and parents alike with the vocabulary to discuss this important topic with sensitivity.
      "An inclusive primer about gender that integrates vocabulary words and definitions into the text. The spirit of free expression and creativity infuses every spread of this inclusive exploration." - Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***.
      "This expansive, straightforward framing of gender emphasizes curiosity, joy, and positive self-expression. Illustrator Grigni's full-bleed images are magical in their jewel-toned palette. Among gender-centered picture books, this one stands out for its dazzling art and its simple yet nuanced phrasing. Giving kids and adults a hopeful model for discussing (and embracing) one another's gender is just one of the gifts offered by this valuable narrative. Exceptional." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.
      "As the song has it, we're living in a big, wide wonderful world. And this book is a welcome addition to it, as it fills a large gap in the literature." - Booklist *** starred review ***.

      CINDERELLA LIBERATOR by Rebecca Solnit | Illustrated by Arthur Rackham
      In her debut children's book, Rebecca Solnit reimagines a classic fairytale with a fresh, feminist Cinderella and new plot twists that will inspire young readers to change the world, featuring gorgeous silhouettes from Arthur Rackham on each page.
      "With wit and tenderness, Solnit lights up the imagination. . . the contrast between Cinderella's down-to-earth, relatable progression and Arthur Rackham's timeless silhouettes elevates this picture book into an art object. It feels entirely fresh, and yet, with a whimsical silhouette on every page, like a tribute to all the Cinderellas who have captivated readers for centuries. I would treasure reading Solnit's rendition to kids." - The San Francisco Chronicle.
      "Solnit retells the classic story in a way that liberates each character. Emerging from these simply worded, profound, richly rewarding pages is Solnit the literary artist, Solnit the revolutionary, Solnit the enchanter, Solnit the subtle and endlessly delightful satirist, Solnit the sage." - Brainpickings.
      "Being a princess is absolutely fine if that's what you choose. It's having those choices taken away from you that make for big problems. Cinderella in Solnit's book is given that choice. She's allowed to say what her dreams are, and then she goes out and attains them. And they're not huge ridiculous dreams but small, happy, manageable ones. Ultimately, that's the gift Ms. Solnit is giving kids with this book." - School Library Journal.
      "Solnit recasts this familiar story into a tale that is fundamentally about freedom. The decision to use Arthur Rackham's original cut-paper silhouette illustrations was a brilliant choice. This is, hands down, a wonderful book - one that even the jaded reader will clasp upon completion with a contented sigh." - The New York Times.

      (Atheneum/Simon & Schuster)
      ANOTHER by Christian Robinson
      In his eagerly anticipated debut as author-illustrator, the Caldecott and Coretta Scott King honoree for Last Stop on Market Street takes young readers on a playful, imaginative journey into another world where they encounter another perspective - and perhaps another version of themselves.
      "The simple geometry of Robinson's work comes alive in this expanse of wordless narrative. A fearless use of white space and an utter disregard of conventions of direction encourage readers to engage with the physical book as the story unfolds, touching and turning it as they literally take the narrative into their hands." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.
      "Robinson makes this wholly original wordless fantasy utterly coherent thanks to clutter-free, digitally tweaked paint-and-collage art that pointedly doesn't hide its real-world seams (brushstrokes, crumpled paper). Readers will gladly surrender to this mind-bending romp." - Shelf Awareness.
      "Both beautiful and fanciful. . . vibrant shapes reminiscent of Paul Klee or Piet Mondrian fill the pages. A work of art and celebration of childhood for all libraries." - School Library Journal.
      "Robinson's first book as both author and illustrator is a gentle, wordless wonder. Flat-out adorable. . . a unique kind of enchantment." - The New York Times.
    • Comics and Graphic Novels - Children (Children's Book Section)

      (First Second/MPS)
      LAURA DEAN KEEPS BREAKING UP WITH ME by Mariko Tamaki | Illustrated by Rosemary Valero-O'Connell
      Laura Dean, the most popular girl in high school, was Frederica Riley's dream girl: charming, confident, and cute. There's just one problem: Laura Dean is maybe not the greatest girlfriend. A hilarious and poignant story of teen heartbreak and friendship.
      "Stunning artwork, which masterfully captures the mood with gestures and facial expressions. . . Tamaki truly gets to the heart of the struggle to balance the intoxicating allure of being loved by someone thrilling and a desire for a healthy, autonomous sense of identity, all in pitch-perfect teen dialogue. Touching gently but powerfully on topics of bullying, homophobia, and toxic relationships, this superb graphic novel has its finger on the pulse of teenage concerns." - Booklist *** starred review ***.
      "Tamaki explores the nuances of both romantic and platonic relationships with raw tenderness and honesty. Valero-O'Connell's art is realistic and expressive, bringing the characters to life through dynamic grayscale illustrations featuring highlights of millennial pink. A triumphant queer coming-of-age story that will make your heart ache and soar." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.
      "This exploration of toxic relationships and social dynamics at the cusp of adulthood is, like its cast, sharp and dazzling." - Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***.
      "Tamaki and Valero-O'Connell's tender-hearted narrative sings with real, honest emotion that will resonate with anyone trying to figure out love." - The New York Times.

      (First Second/MPS)
      THIS WAS OUR PACT by Ryan Andrews
      On the night of the annual Autumn Equinox Festival, when townsfolk float paper lanterns down the river, Ben and his classmates make a pact to find out where the lanterns end up. Soon the pact is broken by all except for Ben and Nathaniel, who travel down a winding road full of magic, wonder, and unexpected friendship.
      "Andrews explores the distinctive, though related, ways cultures can mark a shared experience, and how kids who start out as annoyed and annoying acquaintances can turn into genuine friends. A great starting point for fantasy lovers who haven't yet embraced graphic novels. Do not let the Autumn Equinox (September 23) catch the library without a copy of this in the collection." - Bulletin of Center for Childrens Books *** starred review ***.
      "An original and much-needed view of the complex world of middle-school friendships." - The New York Times.
      "Andrews' marvelously melancholic, earnest graphic novel, is at its core an exercise in whimsical self-reflection. This story's a quiet one in which danger flickers and hope flares at odd but fruitful moments. The primarily blue and red mixed-media pictures underscore how nighttime sometimes promises transformation. Brilliantly enchanting." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.
      Richly imagined and complexly emotional. This was Our Pact may owe some of its eerie melancholy and occasionally menacing absurdity to the likes of Lewis Carroll and Shaun Tan, but its message is distinctly its own: what you imagine to be the end of the journey maybe satisfying, but the adventure actually goes on as long as you keep riding down the road." - Booklist *** starred review ***
    • Comics and Graphic Novels - Adults (Wall Display)

      GIRAFFES ON HORSEBACK SALAD: Salvador Dali, the Marx Brothers, and the Strangest Movie Never Made by Josh Frank & Tim Heidecker | Illustrated by Manuela Pertega
      The long-lost script of a Marx Brothers film written by modern art icon Salvador Dali, recreated as a graphic novel in all its full-color, cinematic, surreal glory.
      "The story follows Jimmy, a Spanish aristocrat living in exile, as he becomes infatuated with a mysterious figure known as the Woman Surreal and finds himself in a world gone mad with bizarre imagery and Groucho's quips in equal measure. Artist Pertega excels at portraying dreamlike illustrations. VERDICT: A fascinating project inspired by obvious passion from everyone involved." - Library Journal.
      "Don't even try to understand; just revel in the weirdness, along with the wonderful photographs and other archival material Frank includes in this book." - NPR.
      "This graphic novel is utterly one of a kind. The overall page compositions are exceptional, bursting with motion, mind-bending patterns, and wildly shifting color schemes. This messy, imperfect, fearless visual buffet is almost certainly better than any film version would have been." - Publishers Weekly.
      "This book is a gallery, a museum, a riotous romp of art that reverberates through personal and public history and will make your dwelling's shelves (and your mind) a little loonier." - The Austin Chronicle.

      (One World/Random)
      GOOD TALK by Mira Jacob
      Trying to answer her son Jacob's questions, Mira Jacob delivers a deeply relatable graphic memoir that takes on racism, love, and the election of President Trump.
      "A masterful mix of pictures and words to speak on life's most uncomfortable conversations." - io9.
      "A showstopping memoir about race in America, by turns funny, philosophical, cautious, and heartbreaking. Particularly moving are striking pen-and-ink drawings collaged onto vibrant found photographs and illustrated backgrounds. Told with immense bravery and candor, this book will make readers hunger for more of Jacob's wisdom and light." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.
      "Creates an odd, immediate intimacy. . . Mira Jacob employs pages of narrative prose sparingly but hauntingly. The 'talks' Jacob relates are painful, often hilarious, and sometimes absurd, but her memoir makes a fierce case for continuing to have them." - Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***.
      "Grace and disarming wit. . . The book lives up to its title, and reading these searching, often hilarious tête-à-têtes—with her parents and brother, confidantes and strangers, employers and exes is as effortless as eavesdropping on a crosstown bus. The medium is part of the magic of Good Talk. The old comic-book alchemy of words and pictures opens up new possibilities of feeling." - The New York Times.
    • Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror: New Titles in Paperback (Aisle 2-B)

      (William Morrow/Harper)
      THE CABIN AT THE END OF THE WORLD by Paul Tremblay
      An unbearably tense, gripping tale of paranoia, sacrifice, apocalypse, and survival that escalates to a shattering conclusion, one in which the fate of a loving family and quite possibly all of humanity are entwined. Electrifying and haunting, this is a masterpiece of terror and suspense from the fantastically fertile imagination of Paul Tremblay.
      "Bram Stoker Award winner Tremblay once again demonstrates his talent for terrifying readers. Offering a terrible situation with no good outcome, this is the author at his best." - Library Journal *** starred review ***.
      "The apocalypse begins with a home invasion in this tripwire-taut horror thriller. Tremblay skillfully seeds his tale with uncertainties and introduces enough doubt into the beliefs and behaviors of all the parties to keep them and the reader off-balance. His profoundly unsettling novel invites readers to ask themselves whether, when faced with the unbelievable, they would do the unthinkable to prevent it." - Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***.
      "Powerful. . . full of twists and horrors that will keep even the most jaded genre reader silently turning its pages late into the night." - The New York Journal of Books.
      "A striking work of psychological horror and unblinking terror. A blinding tale of survival and sacrifice that matches the power of belief with man's potential for unbridled violence." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.

      VOX by Christina Dalcher
      As the United States tilts towards authoritarianism and repression, conservative forces pass a law that limits women to speaking no more than 100 words per day or face painful consequences. A powerful and timely novel.
      "Neurolinguistics and technology balance a compelling narrative shot through with genuine emotion. VERDICT: Dalcher reflects current politics in a clarion call against apathy in a page-turning first novel that is perfect for fans of speculative fiction or women's studies and ripe fodder for book club discussions." - Library Journal *** starred review ***.
      "A terrifyingly brilliant near-future vision of the United States, one that has drawn comparisons with Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. Dalcher's characters are sympathetic and familiar; within the tension, readers will recognize themselves and others in this astonishing and frightening tale that reflects these uncertain times. While demonstrating the importance and power of using one's voice to speak out, Vox also sounds a warning about the consequences of political apathy and how collective inaction sometimes leads to detrimental change." - Shelf Awareness *** starred review ***.
      "A petrifying re-imagining of The Handmaid's Tale in the present and a timely reminder of the power and importance of language." - Elle.
      "In her provocative debut, linguist Dalcher imagines a near future in which speech and language - or the withholding thereof - are instruments of control. Dalcher's narrative raises questions about the links between language and authority; most chilling is the specter of young girls being starved of language and, consequently, the capacity to think critically." - Publishers Weekly.

      EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU by Heather Child
      Freya's new virtual assistant knows what she likes, knows what she wants and knows whose voice she most needs to hear: her missing sister's. It adopts her sister's personality, recreating her through a life lived online. But this virtual version of her sister knows things it shouldn't be possible to know. . . A terrifyingly plausible and insidiously chilling debut from a new star of speculative fiction. Easily this year's most cutting-edge thriller!
      "Child's rousing debut features striking prose and a well-imagined reality that showcases the author's careful attention to the attractions and downfalls of technology. Her portrait of the near-future is astute and immersive, and makes for an impressively detailed backdrop for her heroine's gripping quest." - Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***.
      "Masterful. . . Child deftly seeds important facts throughout, drip-feeding exactly what the reader needs to know, when they need to know it. This is the mark of a good writer: one who gives you the information without you realising it. A perfect mix of mystery, SF, and fantasy - but with enough emotional heft to squeeze tears out of the hardest heart. If this is what Child can throw at us on her first try, I can't wait to see what she comes up with next." - Strange Horizons.
      "A thrilling debut showing a chilling vision of a future that's just around the corner. You'll never look at your privacy settings in the same way again. The world of Everything About You is closer than you think." - Fantastic Fiction.
      "Thought provoking, cutting edge and heart-breakingly emotive all in a single breath. Heather Child's command of the narrative remains compelling throughout and I was hooked from beginning to end. I had to keep reminding myself this is her debut novel, it is so confident and self-assured." - The Eloquent Page.

      WHAT SHOULD BE WILD by Julia Fine
      Born with the power to kill or resurrect at her slightest touch, Maisie Cothay has spent her childhood sequestered in her family's manor at the edge of a mysterious forest. But when her father disappears, Maisie must venture beyond the boundaries of her carefully protected life to find him. Julia Fine's bewitching debut is a crackling contemporary fairytale that explores the cost of being extraordinary in a world that asks women to suppress their strength.
      "Combines the intrigue of a literary mystery with the mythology of fairy tales. Without hyperbole, it's one of the best debut novels I've ever read." - Chicago Magazine.
      "A rich blend of myth and modernity, and an intricately contrived feminist fantasy, What Should Be Wild explores the urges of the body, the nature of desire and the power of the spirit. Marks the arrival of a formidable new talent." - The San Francisco Chronicle.
      "Fine's stellar debut is a mystical combination of curiosity, curses, and compassion. She creates an entirely new twist on the familiar setup of a young woman facing supernatural obstacles while trying to balance her own blossoming youth. Inventive and fascinating." - Publishers Weekly *** starred review ***.
      "A hypnotizing fairy tale that explores what it's like to live life in an unruly female body that everyone around it insists on controlling, What Should Be Wild pulsates with originality, curiosity, terror, and pleasure." - Bustle.
      "This fast-paced, imaginative, and intriguing tale will grip readers. Libraries will find this realistic fantasy novel hard to keep on their shelves." - Library Journal *** starred review ***.
      "The Brothers Grimm gave us the fairy tales. . . In this astonishing debut, Ms. Fine bids fair to be the Sister Grimmest." - The Wall Street Journal.
    • Mystery, Suspense, Crime, Espionage Fiction: New Titles in Paperback (Aisle 1-B)

      (Back Bay/Hachette)
      GIVE ME YOUR HAND by Megan Abbott
      Diane told her best friend Kit a secret about the worst thing she'd ever done. Now Diane knows something that could ruin Kit's life. . . A devatatingly suspenseful psychological thriller about ambition, betrayal, and friendship.
      "Abbott plunges us deep into a vividly realized world of intense competition and creates life-or-death stakes where we wouldn't have known to look for them. This is a brilliant riff on hard science, human nature, and the ultimate unknowability of the human brain." - Booklist *** starred review ***.
      "Abbott, who always immerses readers in hothouse subcultures in her novels, explores the relationship between competitive scientists at a cutthroat university laboratory. Give Me Your Hand should cement Abbott's position as one of the most intelligent and daring novelists working in the crime genre today." - The New York Times.
      "A spectacular thriller. Give Me Your Hand is a nuanced and atmospheric story about the lure of big dreams." - NPR.
      "Trust the nimble Abbott to elevate this smart page-turner into a tense battle between morality and ambition." - People Magazine (Book of the Month).
      "In Abbott's deft hands, friendship is fused to rivalry, and ambition to fear, with an unsettling level of believability. It will take more than a cold shower to still the blood thumping in your ears when you finish this." - Kirkus Reviews *** starred review ***.

      THE WITCH ELM by Tana French
      Toby, a privileged young scoundrel, takes refuge at his family's ancestral home to care for his dying uncle Hugo. But when a skull is unearthed in the estate garden, detectives - and Toby's past - begin to close in on him. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
      "Tana French is at her suspenseful best in The Witch Elm . . . her best and most intricately nuanced novel yet. She is in a class by herself as a superb psychological novelist. As you sink into this book, you can practically feel tendrils twisting around you. . . Get ready for the whiplash brought on by its final twists and turns." - The New York Times.
      "The crime writer for people who think they don't like genre fiction. Her prose is enveloping and intricate, but casually masks its cleverness. She sucks you in with mystery, then unfurls a masterfully rendered slice of society. Head-spinning. . . French has spun an engrossing meditation on memory, identity, and family. A master of psychological complexity, she toys with the minds of her characters and readers both." - Vogue Magazine.
      "Tana French's new novel is an intriguing blend of whodunit and 'who am I'. . . She is the high priestess of tense, twisty plots. This mystery's resolution is astonishing." - O, The Oprah Magazine.
      "One of the most compulsive psychological mysteries I have read. It takes great skill to tell a story like this through the eyes of one character, and French pulls it off triumphantly, drip-feeding each revelation so that the reader is constantly confounded. Richly detailed, beautifully executed and impossible to put down." - The Times (U.K.).

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